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Robots Beyond

Meet robots both familiar and fantastic within this anthology.

Contains ”How Coyote Made Robot“ by John W. Oliver

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  • "The Blemish," Dark Discoveries #20, 2012.
  • "Nonreturnable Merchandise," Brave Blue Mice, 2009.
  • "How Coyote Made Robot," Robots Beyond, Permuted Press, 2009.
  • "Better Dead Than Never," Cover of Darkness 2008, Sam's Dot Publishing, 2008.

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Robots Beyond

"How Coyote Made Robot" appears in Permuted Press' cross-genre robot anthology Robots Beyond.

Within these pages, you'll meet robots both familiar and fantastic, from the submicroscopic to large, carnivorous machines. Robots discovering their own humanity... and Man's inhumanity. Subversive inversions of genre that will leave the reader pondering the metaphysics of robotics.

What if? There's a lot to answer for in those two little words. Look inside, and see what you discover.